Friday, February 22, 2008

On becoming a writer Russell Baker

I really like the way Baker writes.Of all the articles we have read; his is the most enjoyable to me.He writes in a way that I think anyone could understand.My favorite type of book has always been one that I can picture in my head while I read it.I think this is how Russell Baker writes.The book The Yearling is written like that; you can feel every emotion, and see in your minds eye the beautiful trees in the meadow blossoming.It was one of my favorite reads as a teenager. I also like the way Baker suggest we use our own language in our writing. I think that I do identify with the idea of becoming a writer sometimes; I used to write short stories when I was in college in the 80's. It was usually a romantic story of a lonely girl who meets up with the man of her dreams!ooo,aaaaah. But of course I was looking for my own lost love at the time. After I was married and had little ones, I wrote a few children's stories that my kids enjoyed.I have toyed with the idea of writing.Yes, I have. I don't think it takes a particular breed though; I think you just have to enjoy putting your thoughts down on paper. There is creativity in all of us.

How to Write with Style Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

I think to write with style means to make it interesting to read.If it is in your own language what ever that may be, weather it is a German accent, or a southern drawl,or the dialect of your environment like types of slang. It all adds something to your writing style. I was born in Atlanta Ga. and there are some ways of saying things that people from the north might not understand. Would they know what I was asking if I said" Could you please put my Coke in a poke? It would mean" Could you put whatever type of soda I purchased in a paper sack."When I was growing up no matter what you were drinking from the machine ,you just said I am going to get a coke; and it always got put in a poke.I think that who you are makes it interesting unless you are a total bore; but all of the articles that we have read have an interesting fraction in them.Even the parts we aren't sure of gives us food for thought.

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